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Jurassic Park – An Analogy for Personal Development

In the first Jurassic Park film we witness a dinosaur dig-site.  We see paleontologists painstakingly removing sediment from the fossils.  In the case of personal development you aren't digging for fossilized skeletons.  You are tediously removing the layers of social conditioning... Continue Reading →

Lifestyle Engineering – What is That?

Your youth was full of hope, pumped into you by adults that said, "Play it safe, work hard, and your dreams will all come true." You wake up, maybe you go to school, maybe you get good grades, maybe you get into a good university, maybe you graduate with honors, maybe you get a good job, maybe you did everything right, maybe you didn't. At the end of the day you realize your lifestyle is depressingly similar to Peter Gibbons of the 1999 classic Office Space.

Personal Finance – What is Your Goal?

Before you jump in a car, you usually know your destination.  In most cases you know how to get there.  Why don't we have the same philosophy for our financial future?  Why do so many people live their life working away without... Continue Reading →

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