Delete Facebook, Hit the Gym, Lawyer Up

A regular meme surfaces anytime a breakup is mentioned on the internet.  The meme, “Delete Facebook, Hit the Gym, Lawyer Up” is hypothetically the process everyone goes through when they end a long term relationship.  We “Delete Facebook” or at least block the once significant other, to shield ourselves from the painfully recent yet, painfully distant memories.  The “Lawyer Up” phrase is more relevant to divorces.  But why is “Hit the Gym” the center of this meme?

Do we hit the gym to improve our physique?  If so, are we improving our physique to make our ex jealous or to attract our next soulmate?  If you answered yes to these questions, you are going to the gym for the WRONG reasons!

Validation Seekers

Going to the gym to impress others, or to make others jealous is a means of validation seeking.  Validation seekers pin their self-worth on the opinions of others.  It is too easy to find someone that has a poor opinion of you.  Even Mother Teresa could find someone that had an unfavorable opinion of her.

If you pin your self-worth on your ability to find a partner, you are pinning your self-worth externally.  When you give up the approval seeking mentality and find your self-worth within yourself, you have achieved by definition self-confidence.

Why You SHOULD Go to the Gym

Going to the gym helps you find validation within yourself.  You literally derive happiness from within yourself as your brain releases serotonin as a result of exercise.  Additionally, exercise increases blood flow through the brain, promotes brain cell growth, and improves general cognitive abilities.

Ultimately, going to the gym is to improve your mind, not to gain approval from people around you.

Do you use the gym to find validation from within, or do you use the gym to seek approval from others?  Does your post-workout routine include admiring your gains in the privacy of your personal mirror, or do you feel the need to share your gains across your social media platforms?  Share your responses in the comments below!