Everyday you hear someone complain about the price of a college education.  They complain about how they are swamped in debt.  They blame their failures on the high cost of a college education.

The Lifestyle Engineering Blog intends eliminate this frustration by challenging the existing methods many young adults use to choose a university and degree.  In this 4 part series we will provide the methods you need to engineer a lifestyle where debt is not a concern, but an opportunity.

College is an Investment

Just like a corporation invests capital to grow its business, you must invest time and money to grow your income.  All investments have the same goal, to create a Return on Investment (ROI).  In Part IV of this series we will learn to calculate the return on investment for a chosen degree and university.

Most businesses generate an ROI by selling their product to a defined market.  In college you will develop new sills which is your new product.  In Part III of this series we will learn to identify the market you intend to sell your new product to.

Before we dive into how to choose a college degree with a good ROI, lets examine how many people end up frustrated and overwhelmed with college debt.  In the next part of this series we will examine the Frustration Flowchart.