Necessity Is the Mother of Invention

As engineers, we like to create models to describe the system we are trying to improve.  For example, an electrical engineer may model a microphone as a network of simpler devices, like resistors and capacitors to characterize the behavior of the device.

The world of personal development needed a model to describe what drove humans to do what they do.  In the 1940s Abraham Maslow, an American Psychologist, satisfied this need by developing the hierarchy of needs.  This hierarchy is broken into five tiers.  Each tier is a group of needs that have a similar priority in the mind of an average person.  As we ascend the hierarchy, we dive deeper into the realm of personal development.

Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs

When we are born we can provide very little of these needs without the support of others.  As we mature we are able to eat our own food without being bottle fed, we can use the bathroom and outgrow our diapers.  We are slowly ascending the Hierarchy of Needs.

This model is not to be likened to a ladder but to a skyscraper under construction.  The uppermost floors are just beginning development as the iron workers set the steel frame work.  While one level lower, the masons are pouring the concrete floors.  The next floor below that is where the curtain walls are being set to create the beautiful facade.  On the outside, these lower floors appear complete.


However on the inside there is much work to do.  We are missing the interior walls, plumbing, and electrical work.  Much like how others assume you are getting enough food, but what they don’t know is that you could be substituting the sugary beverages with some green tea.  On the outside, others see you are well employed, but what they don’t see is the excessive hours you work or maybe the lack of job security.

As lifestyle engineers, we intend to develop, maintain, and continuously improve all levels of Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs.  This blog is intended to cover topics from the physiological level all the way to self-actualization.

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