In the first Jurassic Park film we witness a dinosaur dig-site.  We see paleontologists painstakingly removing sediment from the fossils.  In the case of personal development you aren’t digging for fossilized skeletons.  You are tediously removing the layers of social conditioning that hide who you really are from the rest of the world.

Improving who you are is not limited to how you interact with society.  You can improve how you interact with yourself.  You can improve your eating habits, your physical fitness, and your mind.  As you develop your inner self, you will learn to live life present to the moment.  Being “present” is that fleeting feeling many people describe as feeling “Alive.” Much like the newly reanimated Tyrannosaurus Rex.

As your personal development journey continues your lifestyle will inevitably evolve.  You may develop a personality, body, and mind that will attract others in a way that parallels how Jurassic Park captured the world’s attention as a global attraction.

As your goals grow along side your ever expanding mindset, you may reflect upon your previous self as a different person just as the Indominus Rex perceives his T-Rex brethren.