Your youth was full of hope, pumped into you by adults that said, “Play it safe, work hard, and your dreams will all come true.”

You wake up, maybe you go to school, maybe you get good grades, maybe you get into a good university, maybe you graduate with honors, maybe you get a good job, maybe you did everything right, maybe you didn’t.  At the end of the day you realize your lifestyle is depressingly similar to Peter Gibbons of the 1999 classic Office Space.

You slowly realize society has tossed you a copy & paste map for “Playing it Safe.”  The cartographers of this map didn’t care for your goals and dreams.  They handed you a generic route that landed you a career with a 401k and health insurance, if you were lucky.

Somehow your goal of becoming the next Dan Bilzerian, and fighting off girls with boobs bigger than their brains, feels less attainable than landing on the planets of Alpha Centari. Maybe your aspirations of traveling the world and eating other people’s food like the next Anthony Bourdain feels as likely as the second season of “Firefly”.

Lifestyle Engineering is here to provide the tools to draft your own map.  Lifestyle Engineering is here to empower you to sail your ship towards your life goals no matter what direction the wind blows.