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The Value of a Good Night’s Sleep

Do you wake up in the middle of the night?  Do you hit snooze every morning?  Do you rely on coffee and other forms of caffeine to get you through the morning?  If you answered yes to one or more... Continue Reading →

Lifestyle Highlight: Van Life

We've all seen the 90s Saturday Night Live skit where Matt Foley, played by Chris Farley, warns a younger David Spade of lifestyle choices that will lead him towards a life in a van down by the river.  Twenty-four years... Continue Reading →

Why You Should NOT Go to The Gym

Delete Facebook, Hit the Gym, Lawyer Up A regular meme surfaces anytime a breakup is mentioned on the internet.  The meme, "Delete Facebook, Hit the Gym, Lawyer Up" is hypothetically the process everyone goes through when they end a long... Continue Reading →

Cold Showers: Are They Worth It?

There is a new fad circulating the internet.  This fad is the cold shower movement.  The cold shower movement is accompanied by claims that cold morning showers will help bring you to your peak performance by releasing all the right... Continue Reading →

How to Choose a College Degree – Part IV: Calculate ROI

In order to compare our degrees we must determine what ultimate metric to use.  Throughout this series we have been using the term Return on Investment.  This equation can be seen in Figure 1.  You may notice a flaw in... Continue Reading →

How to Choose a College Degree – Part III: The Success Circle

The Success Circle is similar to the Frustration Flowchart, but with two key differences.  The order is reversed and the process is cyclical.  We choose a cyclical process because we want to evaluate several options to determine the best return... Continue Reading →

How to Choose a College Degree – Part II: The Frustration Flowchart

To understand why people are frustrated with the higher education system, we must understand how they interact with the system.  We have created the frustration flow chart to visualize this unfortunate and common process.  The flowchart aesthetics are designed to represent the... Continue Reading →

How to Choose a College Degree – Part I: College is an Investment

Everyday you hear someone complain about the price of a college education.  They complain about how they are swamped in debt.  They blame their failures on the high cost of a college education. The Lifestyle Engineering Blog intends eliminate this frustration... Continue Reading →

Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs

Necessity Is the Mother of Invention As engineers, we like to create models to describe the system we are trying to improve.  For example, an electrical engineer may model a microphone as a network of simpler devices, like resistors and capacitors to characterize the... Continue Reading →

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